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Think big, be big and do big in the world of coding.

Students who know how to code will have access to the best paid and fastest growing jobs. CODE < HEAT> is designed with this in mind to create the ability to learn coding more quickly, efficiently and at a higher quality under the guidance of a team of experts. CODE < HEAT> is an exclusive summer training program of Technical Hub which helps in improving coding skills in programming languages like C, Data Structures, C++, Core Java, HTML5 and Eclipse technologies. A student chooses a language that he needs to focus and improve and gets enrolled. The choice can be more than one language depending on the interest of the student. This program truly reflects the adage “An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory” (Ernst F.Schumacher) by focusing on 30% theory and 70% practice. It hones the coding skills of students by providing a ground for constant practice and improvement. Trainers enable knowledge expansion by providing useful tips, innovative strategies and required inputs. Besides, discussion forums are organized to discuss problems and solutions which enhance problem solving skills and team spirit. Various competitions are hosted for students to benchmark themselves against other students and develop individual skills in coding. This program has been successfully implemented this summer training more than 400 students from 02-05-16 to 02-06-16 for 6 hours each day. Each group was assigned with 2 trainers who were experts in the relevant field. Assessments were done in 240+ different ways to check, improve and sharpen the abilities of students in various domains. ‘Star of the week’ award was given to the best performer based on daily assessments. ‘Mock campus drives’ was another added feature this year which enabled students to get exposed to campus drives facilitating an atmosphere of hope and promise.

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