No more excuses – You name it, Target has it.

No more excuses – You name it, ‘Target’ has it. Keeping in mind the present curricula, ‘Target’ has been devised specifically for students to learn anything that addresses their required skills. It provides ample online learning material covering various courses which deliver new standards. Using this material student can work through with various levels of support from the tutors. Apart from learning material ‘Target’ presents a wide variety of real interview questions taken from personal interview experiences with giant software companies such as Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Accenture, etc. A variety of questions from beginner level to advanced level are grouped and presented helping students successfully prepare for technical interviews. Target not only provides questions and answers but also provides the steps that actually solve the problem. This boosts the morale of students and enables them to structure their thinking while facing an interview. Tutors give immediate feedback on a concept a learner did not understand thus allowing him to proceed without waste of time.